My name is Alexandra. I am 25 years old, born and raised in California. I am committed to 27 months of service for the Peace Corps. My project assignment is as a Health Promoter in rural villages and communities of the western highlands in Guatemala. I departed in April 2011, and I am scheduled to return in July 2013. I have started this blog as a way for curious friends and family to track my experience over the next two years and learn a little bit more about both the culture in Guatemala as well as what the Peace Corps may entail. I plan to make posts in the form of “chapters of a mini-novel” as opposed to an online journal of daily activities. My internet access will be limited so you may be waiting a couple weeks in between chapters. This is my story, through my eyes and from my perspective. I hope you find it somewhat educational, maybe a little bit inspirational, but, most importantly, enjoyable. Thanks for reading!


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  1. jim & kathy blaschke
    Mar 30, 2011 @ 16:16:30

    We enjoyed meeting you last night at Forbes Mill. Our son, Sean, and his wife, Casey were both in the Peace Corps from 2001-2003 in The Gambia in West Africa. It was a very positive, life altering two years, full of challenges as well as rewards. We wish you the best in your pursuit of a better world!
    Kathy & Jim Blaschke


  2. Alyssa Belsome
    Oct 31, 2011 @ 21:22:03

    Hello There!

    My name is Alyssa and I stumbled upon your blog which I have to admit I have enjoyed and appreciated your candidness about your experience thus far in Guatemala. I have just accepted a PC invite to Guatemala as a Health Promoter for the Healthy Homes program. It appears that it’s the same one you are apart of. I depart Jan 3, 2012! I would love to chance to ‘talk’ with you about the host family living situation and a few other random questions I have in trying to prepare for myself for my service. If you are willing to exchange a few emails with me I would truly be grateful! Hope to hear from you soon. My email is abelsome@tulane.edu.


  3. Miranda
    Sep 03, 2013 @ 16:01:03

    Dear Alexandra,

    I stumbled on your blog this morning and have been reading it all day! haha. I was accepted to serve in Guatemala at the beginning in February and, having been there before, was a little nervous. Specifically, of all the Latin American countries I’ve visited, I felt the most isolated in Guatemala. Like no matter what I did, I’d never be more than a tourist gringa. You’re blog inspired me and, now, I don’t believe it has to be like that. I’m excited about my acceptance and would like to exchange an email or two with you if you have time. martzml09@gmail.com


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HH = Healthy Homes, the PC program I am in.
YD = Youth Development, the other program in my training group.


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